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None of Rich’s works are presently offered for direct sale.  However, please keep reading … 

Rich’s works are created for public exhibition, discussion and debate, and may be freely offered for those purposes to museums, art galleries and other suitable organizations.  They are not currently offered for sale to individuals, except in connection with a public exhibition, in which case they may possibly be sold through the exhibition and not sold directly by Rich.  Exhibitions in California and selected exhibitions of a societal or political nature that may be elsewhere are Rich’s current focus.

If you are an art collector who would like to commission a work to be created, please contact me via the contact page at this website to see what may be feasible through the art gallery that you would normally use, which would handle any tax or transportation issues. 

As news reports come out, and new inspirations (or nightmares) strike Rich, he has been known to jump out of bed in the middle of the night to work on creating something new, and he must give that his priority.

With all that in mind, Rich has decided that certain of his works might be able to be re-created for the purpose of sale to individuals, with the understanding that the first original of each work was based on a dream or vision and can never be re-created exactly.  Any re-creation, while being a unique original itself, will have variation from the first original.

Each work is an original which creatively reflects his vision at the time; Rich does not sell prints or copies of anything.  For example, if Rich decides to re-create a prior work, he would meditate and quietly contemplate what may have recently changed in the socio-political landscape, how he currently feels on the subject and so on.  These differences may result in very subtle, or possibly significant, variations in any re-creation.

As time allows, with no specific timeframe in mind, these are works that Rich hopes to re-create in the future for the purpose of selling to people that have expressed interest in his works.  The titles will change for the new works, even if ever-so-slightly like adding “Number 2”, “II”, “Second Version”, “Second Edition” or “Second Variant”, so that each work is unique and identifiable.

  • The End of Democracy in the National Interest? (Versions 2 and 3 have been completed for eventual sale)
  • The Blue Wave of 2020 (Versions 2 and 3 have been completed for eventual sale)
  • When Wisdom Fades as Knowledge Grows
  • Don’t Think of It as Air Pollution and Global Warming, Think of It as New Real Estate Opportunities!
  • No Chaos
  • Blue Period

To ensure the safety of each original work, and in light of the significant value of each work (at least in the artist’s mind), the artist prefers to not use conventional shipping.  Instead, the artist envisions that each work will be picked up in southern California.  Alternately, for more valuable works where pick-up by the purchaser is not possible, the artist may consider hand-delivering the work within the continental United States of America, if feasible and if mutually agreed.  Works for sale are expected to be approximately 20″ x 24″ up to 24″ x 36″ to be readily transportable, as compared to larger works.

Please check back in the future to see which works are finished and currently available for sale. The primary purpose of the creation of the first version of each work is to add to the artist’s collection of works to maintain a record of the feelings, concerns, issues and angst of this period in history for eventual display in museums or galleries where they may be discussed publicly.  For this reason, the artist’s “first edition” original works are not typically offered for sale.  When occasionally offered for exhibition at this time, prices would typically start at around $10,000 – $12,000, but may be significantly higher, depending on complexity, time and expenses.  On the other hand, since so much time and expense go into creating the first version of an original (such as imagining and planning, testing of paint colors and trial-and-error of technique, creating devices to achieve certain effects, tossing out a piece and starting over, and so on), re-created originals may be priced significantly lower.  The artist hopes to bring down the cost of second and subsequent versions to the price range of $1,500 – $3,000 to make these original works of art more attainable to a wider audience.  The artist’s intent at the present time is to maintain the first version of each original work for historical preservation when feasible (with possible exceptions for exhibition purposes), and offer no more than two variations for sale except in unexpected circumstances.

There are issues such as taxation that vary from state-to-state and from time-to-time, with which the artist prefers to not be involved.  Also, the artist is just now learning of techniques by which artists may be scammed, so it is uncertain at this time whether works may be purchased directly from the artist in the future, or whether they may be purchased through a gallery or other established art business that is familiar with tax issues and the business of art sales.  Please check back periodically for updates.  So far, Rich’s focus has been on the production of his first works, while gaining exposure and developing his field of practice in Socio-Political Abstractionism; he is just now considering producing works for sale.

If you happen to represent a gallery or other established art business in the southern California region that would like to handle the business aspects of future sales of Rich’s works, without necessarily taking up wall space in a gallery, please contact Rich to express your interest.

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