For Sale

None of Rich’s works are presently offered for direct sale.  However, please keep reading … 

Rich’s works are created for public exhibition, discussion and debate, and may be freely offered for those purposes to museums, art galleries and other suitable organizations.  They are not currently offered for sale to individuals, except in connection with a public exhibition, in which case they may possibly be sold through the exhibition and not sold directly by Rich.  Exhibitions in California, selected exhibitions of a societal or political nature that may be elsewhere, as well as online exhibitions are Rich’s current focus.

As news reports come out, and new inspirations (or nightmares) strike Rich, he has been known to jump out of bed in the middle of the night to work on creating something new, and he must give that his priority.

Having said all that, although Rich’s works may be listed as Not for Sale (NFS), please don’t take that too literally. It means that there is not a specific asking price for each such piece, or that a piece is being offered for sale through an agency offering an exhibition and thus is not being offered through this website. Rich is willing to negotiate virtually anything if you or your organization has an interest in purchasing or exhibiting any of Rich’s works, depending on the public exposure that may be contemplated and subject to any prior commitment that Rich may have made. Please contact Rich if you do have any interest.

If you happen to represent a gallery or other established art business in the southern California region that would like to handle the business aspects of future sales of Rich’s works, without necessarily taking up wall space in a gallery, please contact Rich to express your interest.

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