Mission Statement:  By leveraging art’s ability to affect its viewers, encourage thought, discussion and debate to achieve positive changes in society, government and politics.  Where basic human decency is lacking in politics and darkness seems to be temporarily prevailing, expose it and shine a light on it.

Vision Statement:  See the world become a better place for all, using the power of art to increase kindness, respect, compassion and empathy in all of our interactions, especially the political process.

Values Statement:  By artistic expression, foster, promote and embody these values for the betterment of humanity:  creativity and innovation, honesty and integrity, diversity and uniqueness, awareness and thoughtfulness, courageousness and perseverance.

Art Objectives:  Have fun and change the world for the better while I’m doing it.  Maintain uniqueness and avoid changing my work based on the critiques of others.  Break as many of the conventional rules of art composition as possible, while following a few simple rules for success:  experiment, play and believe in yourself.  Create art that conveys the concerns of a common man in as simplistic a manner as possible to convey an important issue. Through art, record the feelings, concerns and events of our period in history for the benefit of future generations.

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