Vote !

Through his work, the artist does not advocate for any candidate or political party.  Most definitely, the artist does advocate that eligible voters vote by any means legally available, and not become so apathetic or discouraged as to forfeit their opportunity to make a difference.  In as non-partisan a manner as the artist can, he presents issues, expresses anxieties, provides observations, and may occasionally offer what he believes to be a constructive idea.  In addition to encouraging thought, discussion and debate through his works, the artist encourages each voter to research facts from multiple sources instead of relying on the flood of self-serving misleading propaganda, and make your decisions as you see fit.

For the November 2020 U.S. national election, the artist created and submitted seven prospective posters into competition for the “Good Trouble / U Decide” exhibition in Washington DC.  The exhibition has been co-sponsored by the Center for Contemporary Political Art ( and Millennium Arts Salon (  The exhibition honors the legacy of John Lewis and encourages people to vote, whichever way they may choose, on or by November 3.

Though the competition was heavy and none of the artist’s posters were selected out of the hundreds that were submitted, life will go on, as will art.  Here are three posters that are temporarily planted in the artist’s front yard, similar to a few of the entries submitted to the competition.  Please, vote!

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