Résumé / CV

For those who may be interested in my résumé and/or curriculum vitae (CV), here is the current condensed, one-page, all-in-one version.  Just click the link below.

Rich Sheaffer Artist CV 021621

I am often asked for an artist’s statement when submitting entries for potential exhibition, and that is generally limited to 1000 characters, so here it is in extremely condensed form.

Since the events of 2016 and beyond, Rich Sheaffer has been developing a new genre of art he calls Socio-Political Abstractionism. While political art has abounded in the past, it has generally taken the form of such things as cartoons and caricatures. Socio-Political Abstractionism, in contrast, is an art form in which hot-button social topics being divisively debated in the political milieu are expressed via painting in abstract form, to inspire thought and discussion. Such works are primitive expressions of dreams or visions that express the events and angst of our time in history.  His works are experimental and inspired by current events; he never knows from the onset how the final work will appear.

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